Blodwen's Dream

by Ian Bruce



Produced by Paul Adams
Fellside recordings' First CD release.
The version of Graeme Miles' My Eldorado on this album has become a bit of a folk classic.


released February 1, 1990

Ian Bruce - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Marysia Lessnau - Harmony Vocals
Jim Yule - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals & Percussion
Clark Sorley - Keyboards
Andy McGlasson - Drums
Isobel Hirst - Accordion
Harry King - Bagpipes


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Track Name: John
(Ian M. Bruce/Sandy Stanage)
John sits in the afternoon with lager in his hand
His hi-fi blasts a poignant song of distant Ireland
One of the thoughts from his vast collection
He speaks, laughs and he cries and he hopes
With every selection.

John sits in the half-light amidst a cloud of smoke
Playing comedy based on Prods and Tims,
There's no harm in a joke
If it only was so simple,
A little harmless fun
But he has seen the anguish caused
By tanks and bombs and guns.

Thumb your way along the rack, John
Play the world another track
Play it loud and clear, John
Till the people sing it back.

John sits in the darkness an Irish refugee
Perhaps he lives in Glasgow now
To set his children free
Safely estranged from religious wars,
Perhaps that's not the reason
But who could blame him if it was


John sits after midnight beside his empty cans
Sleep will bring him light relief
From his devastated plans
But does he dream in peace?
Or of guns and fallen bricks?
On into the morning go a record's rhythmic clicks.

Track Name: Factory Life
My father called me out of school and pushed me to a trade.
"You've hung around for long enough.
It's time that you were paid."
But this factory's a prison and not for me at all.
I was born for better things than life in overalls.
I was born for better things than life in overalls.

I don't wanna need the Factory Life
It's eating at my brain
If I don't get out-a here I'm gonna go insane.
I gotta get out-a here.

Time is flying quickly by;
I've been here for years.
Still dreaming of a life outside,
But dreams combine with fears.
For although I'm still not old, I'm deeply in a groove.
I fear I haven't learned enough, Enough to make the move.
I fear I haven't learned enough, Enough to make the move.

Now I'm in my forties and the facial lines grow.
Desperation hasn't mellowed
But whisky pads the blow.
I was drinking all alone, scotch after scotch.
I raised my streaming face and cursed my golden watch.
I raised my streaming face and cursed my golden watch.

Five years to retirement, now so quick they roll.
For drinking, says the doctor,
I'll have to pay the toll.
So, within the next five years,
It's perfectly clear,
One way or the other, I'm getting out-a here.
One way or the other, I'm getting out-a here.
Track Name: Classical Music
Beethoven, Pink Floyd
Music for bad times you can't avoid
Turn the lights down, you're on your own
Close your eyes and your mind is blown.

A cup of coffee, rising damp -
It's just the steam as it passes the lamp
Time is passing, should be in bed
But you play another record instead

"Classical music", the old man said
Young man has a rock 'n' roll head
Pop music can never be dead
No matter what you say.

Disco music - dance away
Sadder music when you're in dismay
Is music bad? No, no it's all good
Just play it right for the present mood.

Classical music, soul or pop
None of it's good when it's played non stop
Take pieces of each, in doses small
When played at the right time, you can like it all.

"Any old music", the old man said
Same old stuff for that rock 'n' roll head
That's pop music and that's not dead
No matter what you say.
Track Name: Ghost of The Chair
(Ian M. Bruce)

If I were a lighthouse in time's tortuous seas
And the morning was sailing to me.
My light occluding, I'd turn her around.
Send the morning back sailing to sea, to sea.
Send the morning back sailing to sea.

Like an ogre to children is the whip to the mare.
Like tomcats to mice are the hounds to the hare.
Their fears are belittled by mine of the chair.
So wide-eyed I lie with a mind full of care.

No chance of escape with nowhere to run.
No choice but to wait for the impending sun.
So I fear, in the morning, that I am undone.
They say that it's painless, which comforts me none.

This dawdling darkness is now at an end.
My heart beats like thunder and trembles attend.
But my heart beat its last when the shock they did send.
'Twas their task to ensure I killed never again.

But it never was in me, I never could kill.
So, a murderer, somewhere, believes I lie still.
As Ghost of The Chair I've a deed to fulfil.
If vengeance is sweet, then have it I will.
Track Name: Farewell Deep Blue
(Ian M. Bruce/Clark Sorley)
Deep blue. Mmmmhh!
Deep blue. Mmmmhh!

Deep blue.
We were side by side.
Got under my skin.
Made me itch till I cried.
Deep blue
We were hand in hand
You hung like a cloud over flooded land.
Deep blue, deep blue
Farewell, I've seen the last of you
Be on your way
I'm courting the blues no more.

Deep blue I laugh in your face.
You're running like hell
But I'm winning the race.
Deep blue, this is your defeat
The exorcism is now complete.
Deep blue, deep blue
Farewell, I've seen the last of you
Be on your way
I'm courting the blues no more.

They may bay at my door
But those wolves I will fear no more
For money - I can easily do without.
What was the fuss about?
My trouble went away
When my girl came back to stay.
And now, at peace with the world I am
Now that she's back in my arms.

Deep blue, you're being drowned
By colourful bubbles bursting around.
Deep blue, you're just that old grey cloud
\Too bad you can't stay
But three's such a crowd
Deep blue, oooh, oooh
Deep blue, oooh, oooh
Deep blue, farewell.
Track Name: No Noise
(Ian M. Bruce)

Bustling people, they're driving me crazy
I was thinking, "I'm never gonna see home"
I must lie down for an hour being lazy
i must have some time on my own

Straight lines of sunlight go somewhere behind me
A speck of dust moves so slow
In and out of the light it's drifting
Like me, it finds nowhere to go.

No noise, no noise, no noise
No noise, no noise, no noise.

Outside my windows a bush in the breeze
Creates a hypnotic display
Somewhere in the distance,
The tap of a hammer
But it must be a mile away.

A ringing phone could shatter this silence
So disconnect from the wall
And a knock on the door
Could send my heart racing
I only hope no-one will call

My eyes grow heavy,
Soon they'll be closing
Sourceless hissing surrounds
All things tranquil make their contribulion
While me and the sun go down.
Track Name: This Peaceful Evening
(Ian M. Bruce)

And I said,
" Hello old friend. How ya doin'? "
I hadn't seen her in a long time.
If the truth be told,
I never see her.
Not unless she got something on her mind.

Last time we spoke her boy was leavin',
Got up and he left her without warning.
Her tears came down my door at midday.
Such a sad and lonely morning.

Some time before, she was close to breakdown.
She had this fear that she was dying.
Suicidal speeches, no cream and peaches
And sick of trying, trying, trying.

She always says she's sorry to put it on me.
That she feels guilty coming here.
That I was the only one that she could turn to
Who'd lend a sympathetic ear.

So, come on girl, tell me your problem.
Cry on my shoulder if you want to.
Stay here tonight let me hold you tight.
And a better road we'll guide you on to.

Don't feel guilty I want to help you.
I'll try to find right words to say.
This peaceful evening, we'll spend together.
Making you believe that everything's o.k.
Track Name: I Can Play You Anything
(Ian M. Bruce)

I can play you anything
Anything that you wanna hear
I can play you anything
But you must let me practice
Must let me practice
Must let me practice for a year.

When I write or choose a song
Great concentration at the start
After only a month is gone
I've nearly got the title off by heart
Real smart
I've nearly got the title off by heart.


Given just a little more
A little more time to rehearse
After another month or so
I've nearly got the whole first verse
If it's terse
I've nearly got the whole first verse.
Two more months to find the chords
It doesn't take me long to see
'Cos they're never, never clever chords
I only use A, D and E
With these, three ...

Co-ordinate and synchronise
Brains and fingers if you please
And when twelve months are gone and past
I'll play the new song with ease
I may freeze
But I think I'll play the song with ease.

Here there should be another verse
That would be the story all told
But the words have slipped my mind
But this song is just eleven months old
Still cold!
This song is just eleven months old.
Track Name: Black Fog
BLACK FOG (Ian M. Bruce)
The doctor must think.......
It's out of his hands.
Is that why I'm here?
Does he say there's nothing wrong with me?
Well...there see......

I'm longing to travel
I'm frightened to fly.
I'm too far from help when I'm up in the sky.
I cower from ambition,
My yearning to roam.
I feel a little safer when I'm locked in my home.

I'm frightened of failure,
I'm scared of success.
I'm somewhere in the middle And my mind is a mess.
Sometimes I get dizzy;
I'm gonna fall off my feet.
Sometimes I'm so scared I'm gonna die in the street.

Don't sit alone in Black Fog
Seek the sunshine that's waiting for you.
Relax, forget. So easy to say, I know.
But you, you won't always be feeling this way.
Have faith in yourself!

You're being overwhelmed by your phobias.
You have a fear of the fear.
You're not going mad,
You're not physically ill.
You're not going to die
And we'll wean you off pills.
We'll lift that fog so you'll clearly see.
Have faith in yourself and have trust in me.

But I take palpitations And I tighten with fright.
You say it won't kill me, But I still think it might.
I panic and I pace
And I phone for the quack.
Because I am so scared of that heart attack.
Track Name: Blodwen's Dream
Blodwen's Dream (Ian M.Bruce)
Key of C
Blodwen dreams on life's side of the river.
Blodwen dreams on life's side of the river.
Blodwen's sister lately died;
She was playing on the other side.
Blodwen dreams on life's side of the river.

"I've never seen you look so well, my sister.
No match is the bright sunrise,
For the sparkle of those amber eyes.

This river, it don't look so wide, my sister
Let me fetch a rowing boat.
Easily to us you'll float."

"Don't you fetch no rowing boat, my sister.
I'd love to be with you all again
But here I'm feeling no more pain."

"But Mama mourns and she can't weep, my sister.
Words of comfort bring no peace.
Sympathy brings no release."

"Give Mum my love when you awake, my sister.
Tell her everything you've seen.
I'm as happy as I've ever been."

"Mama, I've been dreamin' 'bout my sister."
Mama's tears rolled down in streams.
She believed in Blodwen's Dream.
"Mama I've been talkin' to my sister

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