Born To Rottenrow

by Bruce & Walker

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Wendy I played it all through the summer after I met you at your gig at the Melting Pot Cafe in Redruth. You guys were amazing. I bought the cd then. Hope you are all well. Wendy Favorite track: November Grey.
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Ian Bruce and Ian Walker had been working together for more than 25 years when suddenly, from out of the blue and a mass of solo CDs and recordings from other collaborations, Born To Rottenrow is indeed "born".
A very very fresh bunch of songs which has a few brilliant surprise in there. Are you ready for this album? You should give it a go. It's a massive grower.


released February 1, 2014

Ian Bruce - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Percussion
Ian Walker - Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Autoharp
Carol Jamieson - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Moe Walker - Backing Vocals
Richard Werner - Drums, Percussion
Sháun Blandford - Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass
Stewart Hardy - Fiddles, Vocals
Victor Besch - Vocals, Accordion, Bagpipes, Recorder, Percussion
Fraser Bruce - Vocal & Guitar on DVD
Kenny MacDonald - Interviewer on DVD


all rights reserved


Track Name: I Stand Tall
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

Run from your fears and you'll run round and round and round
Deal with your demons. Then you can settle down.
Look 'em in the eye.
Face 'em and win.
Fly with the wind just as high as an eagle can
Fly with a will like you're some kind of superman.
Fly above the clouds or leave 'em behind.

Driving through the dark night
Tangled in the twilight
Up against the red light
Heading for that hard stone wall
Looking for the green lights
Hunting down the highlights
Push away the not quite
I stand tall

I stand tall (Can't you hear the sound?)
I stand tall (Of barriers broken down?)
I stand tall (Of once voice according?)
I stand tall
We stand tall

Red'll make me stop. Green'll make me go
I'm ready fro the amber. I'm in full flow.
Red'll make me stop. Green'll make me go
I'm ready for the amber. Now I know


Danced away the dark nights. Twisted through the twilight
Blind eye to the red light. Breaking down that hard stone wall.
Going for the green lights.Savouring the highlights
Proud of who I am now
I stand tall.
Track Name: Miss Safka Sings
(Ian M. Bruce)

Lines were drawn from star to star
Rings around the moon
Living bells were ringing out
Life that night inspired a beautiful tune.
Picking nylon strings
Miss Safka sings

Babe Rainbow bless you
Your real name I never knew
You held a frozen soul so tight
The night we saw Miss Safka sing
The night you took me under your wing

A blazing sunset soaked the heat
We sat on frosted ground
Silver breath and silhouettes
Of wild trees dancing well out of sync with the sound
But peace and love she brings
When Miss Safka sings

Yasgur's Farm in '69
I was way too young to see
She was baked in the Woodstock cake
And the brought a slice for me.


Applause dissipates eventually
The clap of distant bells
Sure I'm grateful for my memories
But it broke my heart when both girls
Became just another tale to tell.
I knew they had to go
Bless you Babe Rainbow.



And your real name I really would love to know.
Track Name: November Grey
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

Well past sun and not quite snow
I'm not sure which way to go.
Maybe I'm losing my way.
One day I'm walking tall
Next day I feel the fall.
How I remember the fall
November grey
November grey

In brighter space I'd rather be
That's where you'll find me normally
I'm an optimistic up kinda guy
Trouble is when troubles come
It seems they all roll into one
One that weighs heavy on me
November grey
November grey

I'm so glad for friends like you
Who listen to my one and two
And warn me that these things come in threes.
You warn me these things come in threes
Please. We're well past three
November grey
November grey

Time (Times we'd never choose)
Time (Times we'd rather lose)
At times we could all runs away
November grey
November grey

One you worry. Two you bear
Three or more well you just don't care no more
Punch drunk
Ahhh but don't you worry.
I'll be back and I'm gonna get nearer white than black
Ah but until then
November grey
November grey
Track Name: The Shawl
(Ian M. Bruce/ Ian J. Walker

Conscientiously she works in her room
You might hear the click click click
As the needles tap a tune
Out far beyond sympathy. Plain, purl and all
Comfort and dignity woven in a shawl

If I could have caught the breeze
I could have flown
I could have grown
But life it's not so easy
It's not that easy to own.

I felt your laughs I felt your smiles
I felt your every tear
i felt your reassuring pulse
Sweet music to my ear
But now we go our separate ways
Now we have to part
Embrace me in my tapestry.
Farewell your beating heart.


It all seemed so good
It all seemed so fine
We just ran out of space and time

Lift me into sunlight
Wrap me in my shawl
Sing me a lullaby
Rock me till I fall
Life will go on. We will rise above.
Thank you for my epitaph.
Thank you for your love


Thanks to you all
Thanks to you all
Thanks to you all
For the shawl.
Track Name: When I Spoke To Felix
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

When I spoke to Felix at the side of the Wynd
He talked as Teddy Melrose. His eyes were kind.
He spoke of the wonder I still feel today
That magic that never fades away.

A bear is a bear is a bear is a bear
"Bears can be common"he said "Some bears rare"
So when does the bear become more than a toy/
It comes alive when cuddled by the boy.

Oooo Oooo Oooo
Oooo Oooo Oooo
Can I Keep you?
I will make you closer than a friend.

Canadian rain fell. We all expected sun.
We all sheltered. All but one
Who lay on the sidewalk. Top of the trash.
"Where is the love?" I have to ask.

A bear is a bear is a bear is a bear
Ain't talking grizz-all-y more like care
A symbol of love washed away with the rain
In need of that cuddle once again.

Oooo Oooo Oooo
Oooo Oooo Oooo
Can I Keep you?
I will make you closer than a friend.

Repeat Verse 1
Track Name: Ode To An Old Friend
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

The usual suspects gather round for another night of song
Each take their turn to do their turn and the harmonies are strong
But somebody is missing.
Of that we're well aware
It's so hard to raise your mind from an old friend's empty chair.

For years to come we'll hear your voice when your turn comes around
For no one ever takes your space.
The chairs just shuffle round
The chairs just shuffle round.

As usual the voice subsides. Lucy lifts the bow.
From this space a different sound.
One we're glad to know.
Sometimes it's the rhythm, sometimes it's the rhyme.
For now a bunch of auld Scots airs replace A Bunch of Thyme


As we ring the changes the voices come and go
We all ride this carousel.
Round and round and round we go.

Repeat verse 1

Chorus twice
Track Name: Lucie's Song
(Ian J. Walker)

"Hi! My name is Lucie. I'm so filled with fun today.
Cos I'm climbing I'm climbing this path on the moor
That leads to Jamie's tree.
I'm singing my songs as I tumble along
Past Clydesdales and buzzards and broom.
With my dog at my side my stepping is light
And you can't get me there too soon

He just seems to know
Know when I'm here
He just seems to hear when I call.
And Harris and me, we run round that tree
We race round that tree ahhhhhhhh.

Up in the hollow we rest and we breathe
We take in the Alps and the Fell
It all seems so tranquil now that time stands still for a while.
I swear I can see him harrow the fields
Riding his John Deere machine
Then he's driving down the fairway
For an eagle at the green.

Then in my fancy I watch Struve splash
Round that happy go lucky gang of boys
Scrabbling in the burn
And they caper and cuddle they clamber and dam
They ruck and they scrum and they maul
Then the valley rings to the sound of his pipes
The Green Hills of Tyrol

He's my champion
Holding the moon in his hand
He's my champion
Holding the moon in his hand

Snowdrops change to blossom, fallen leaves to snow
As the seasons turn and twine it's good for me to know
That though I never met him
His life's remembered here.
And as his tree grows I grow too
And I'll always feel him near.

He just seems to know
Know when I'm here
He just seems to hear when I call.
And Harris and me, we run round that tree
We race round that tree
Jamie's tree
My daddy's tree

He's my champion
Holding the moon in his hand
He was a living the dream
Living the dream
Now I'm living the dream
My daddy's dream
Track Name: This Road
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

This road is your road
This road is my road
A country road for you and me.
It's a walking slowly by road.
Singing to the sky road
This road's for rambling free
This road's for rambling free.

Sneaking with their load like smugglers by moonlight
Scurrying like rats. Keeping out of sight
Dealing in the darkness when the vampire's in flight.
Dumping their garbage sometime in the night.

Bits of broken prams that children have outgrown
Old plastic bags, their contents unknown
Mattresses and car parts. A silenced gramophone
Domestic residue. Decidedly disowned.

Jarring like flat notes in the sweetest melody
Like the sudden loss of your dearest memory
Like nagging irritations. Like distressing allergies
Is the dumping of junk in green localities.

To whom it may concern - Why destroy our open space?
It only takes a phone call to put scrap in its place
When you're driving up with a full load to shed.
Drive a little further to the rubbish dump instead.
Track Name: Honest Man
(Ian M. Bruce)

I am an honest man
A straight shooting honest man.
I'll do you only good when I can.
I am a loving man.
I am a loving man.

I'll never tell you no black lies
You'll hear only truth from me
Perhaps the odd white to help you sleep tight
A teeny twist of honesty
A teeny twist of honesty


You can trust me with you body
You can trust me with your soul
You won't regret sharing your secret
I can keep it untold
I can keep it untold


If I ever say "I love you"
And I think I'm very likely to.
Have no fear. I'll be sincere.
I will mean "I love you"
I will mean "I love you"


When no one believes you
No matter how hard you try
I'll help you out
I'll quash the doubt
I will see you fly
I will see you fly.

Track Name: Old Love
(Ian J. Walker)

The 14th of February
Saint Valentine's again
You tell me not to do something special.
But I can't let this day pass
I just won't let it go
Without catching your attention.

Old love puts on a style
And dances round the square
Old love holds hands
When no one else is there.

They say that the eyes are windows to the soul
That might be a strange thing to see
All I know
When I look into your eyes
Your soul's a place so beautiful to me.


As time matures
And paces slow
We still will disregard the trends
Carving our names
Down by the river's edge
Forever lovers and friends.

Track Name: If I Live to The Same Old Age As Mama
(Ian M. Bruce/Ian J. Walker)

If I live to the same old age as Mama - did
If I live to the same old age as Mama - did
I might not live to that old age
That won't worry me at this stage
Feel so good about being here with you
Right now.

(Three different parts)
1.Stroll along together. We roll on. So long as we're together rolling on.
2.What a beautiful day. Beautiful day. What a beautiful day. Beautiful
3. The sun is shining and the sky is blue for you and me and me and you.

Whether I live to the same old age as Methuselah - did
Whether I live to the same old age as Methuselah - did
Can't comprehend his 969
All I know i'm feeling fine.
Feel so good about being here with you
Right now.

I don't know. You don't know and no one knows
I don't know. You don't know and no one knows
There's a sense to every season
There's a rhyme and here's the reason
I feel so good about being here with you
Right now

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