(Ian M. Bruce - m.c.p.s.)

I always loved the labels
That black and shiny groove
The way those discs would spin around
As the auto changer moved.
The player came to life every time I pressed the start.
I felt the way that some folks must when cupid fires a dart.

My first was on Columbia
The Shados' Apache
I still play it from time to time
Though it's now kinda scratchy
I was four years old. This love was brand new.
I never dreamed that one day I'd be making records too.

Now I'm Up There With 'Em
I'm Up There With 'Em
I'm up there with The Beatles and Stones
On my shelf.

We all have our dreams
And some of them come true.
I stand here as living proof that a few of them do.
It's not that I sold a million
Though I'd like that there's no doubt.
It was the first time the needle fell and my own voice came out.

Well it's been a simple life and I've made many friends
Like all good things it must come to an end.
So just like we all must.
I have up and died.
I got loads of famous angels up here by my side.


from A Kind and Gentle Nature, released June 1, 1996
Ian Bruce - Guitar and Vocals
Paul Sartin - Fiddle
Paul Hutchinson - Accordion
Iain Murray - Percussion


all rights reserved


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